About the Artist

Hi! This whole website is basically an all about me page, but here's a more personal, ooc bio :D

Name: Octo/Octodrawn (You can also call me Tako but that name usually refers to my little mascot guy)

Age: 18

Pronouns/Gender: Up for viewer interpretation (any/agender*)

Favorite Foods: Cereal, Bread, Mushroom Matar, Pasta (chitarra is the best shape), Kiwis, Honeydew Melons, Peaches, Pie

Least Favorite Food: SQUASH!!!! Garbage food. If you like squash, DNI

Characters who are literally me irl

*look man I've been doing this whole gender questioning thing for so many years now and I am so tired. Gender was made up by bathroom companies to sell more bathrooms. Who cares**

**this is a joke. People who see their gender as an important facet of their human experience, you are so valid. I respect gender, but it just isn't for me